good news for Nieeka

good news for Nieeka

Nieeka is an active and curious little girl who lives in Haiti in an orphanage for children with disabilities. She is blind.

The moment we arrived she came out to where we were, repeating “Ni-ee-ka” as she reached her hands out in a gesture to┬áinvite someone to pick her up. When she was picked up, she embraced that person with all her might. When she was walking, she seemed keenly aware of her surroundings while not afraid to bump into things in order to discover them.

We didn’t know about this orphanage. Another organization runs it and each of us were interested in learning about the others’ work.

Haiti does not have the infrastructure to give Nieeka and others like her many opportunities. The lead for her local organization is appealing to and partnering with local churches to create opportunities.

This is similar to Christian Horizons approach in Haiti – we partner with local churches in their mandate in order to engage people with disabilities and help them belong to communities and share their God-given gifts and talents.

The kind of help that will have sustained impact in Haiti, in my opinion, it will happen through the local church. They will be there even as foreign help comes and goes.

This is good news for Nieeka. This is good news for us all.

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