A seat on the bus

A seat on the bus

capture3Having successfully run a daycare and Kindergarten class for the last six years, growing from 30 children at the beginning to 92 last year, Christian Horizons Ethiopia has embarked on a new chapter: “Horizons Academy” has been born.

This new school helps meet the ever-increasing need for primary and secondary education in the Asella community and is a model of inclusive education for children with exceptional needs. The school year has started and 334 students have enrolled. In the picture they are gathering for the Flag Ceremony.

A key need for the school is a school bus. We’re in the process of buying and shipping a Toyota Coaster. It will make school a possibility for children who live in surrounding areas and do not have access to school.

capture4Sinayet’s story is an example of what can happen when children with disabilities go to school. We’d love it if you would help a child be able to get a seat on the bus. To help, click the picture of the bus and type “BUS” in the project description box.

Thanks for helping.



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