A Thank You Letter to MercyMe

A Thank You Letter to MercyMe

Dear MercyMe,

Thank you for you album, “Welcome to the New”. I only just discovered it (I know now it’s been out for some time, but I’ve been busy listening to kids’ music and watching kids’ tv). The message of grace throughout is wonderful!

But even more than the message of grace, thank you for featuring people with disabilities in the video for Flawless. In the world today, people with disabilities often are stuck in the margins – and it’s not that different within our church communities. When it comes to people with developmental disabilities, like autism and Down Syndrome – ¬†they are often even deeper in the margins.

The Church is the first place where people should recognize the image of God in everyone. As society ignores and even dehumanizes people, you’re reminding us that in God we are all equal. The fact that you put it in front of us is awesome.

Thank you,






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