Feven has a new future

Feven has a new future

In some parts of the world, being a woman presents as much of a barrier as steep stairs do for a person who depends on a wheelchair for mobility.

Our colleagues in Ethiopia have offered continuing education to help their young women remove these barriers and have new opportunities. This education is for both young men and women, but it seems to have a bigger impact on the gap for women.

In Feven’s own words:

It’s very helpful for girls. You know, we girls are very busy at home. We don’t have enough time to study. And most parents don’t like their girls to study. So that the weekend’s tutorial program gives an opportunity to revisit the lessons we learn during the week.

Feven is now a student in the Medical Doctoral Program and is interning at one of the best hospitals in Addis Abiba.

Because someone gave $50 (Canadian), Feven has a new future.

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