from begging to making

from begging to making

Christian Horizons Ethiopia is privileged be able to assist local Disability Associations. These are groups of people in a community, each somehow affected by disability, who organize themselves in a deliberate effort to offset the barrier created by disability.

The Digeluna Tijo Disability Association is made up of 27 women and 41 men. Christian Horizons Ethiopia was invited to help them with business learning and a financial grant of about $8,000 (CAD). The Association has used the grant to buy, fatten, and sell cattle. They also harvest honey from bee hives. A representative from Social and Labor Affairs, Arsi Zone, Ethiopia, said,They are able to see opportunities beyond today’s daily bread – so that now they are turning their position from begging to making”.

From begging to making.

If you’re reading this and have supported or currently support Christian Horizons, you’ve had a part in this. You have helped this community of belonging in Digeluna Tijo to be a place where people with exceptional needs can leverage their gifts and talents.

If you want to get involved, simply click this link and follow the prompts. Together we can continue help other people with exceptional needs move from begging to making.

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