Our Christmas Miracle

Our Christmas Miracle

Merry Christmas! Some context for our Christmas miracle is here.

Before Deepika came home we envisioned that she would fall into our way of life, especially in regards to our church involvement. She’d follow Karen around as she hosted a lunch or sit patiently in the front row while I rehearsed for Sunday singing. But that never happened. Ever.

This year, Karen’s new church decided to host a Christmas Eve Brunch instead of a Christmas Day service. Two nights ago when Deepika told Karen that she wanted to go to church on Christmas Eve, we really didn’t believe her. But yesterday morning Deepika and I made our way to church. We ate, played games, sang carols, watched skits and listened to a short sermon. Deepika even did some colouring with Pastor Leah and responded once or twice with “Merry Christmas” when someone wished her the same.  Then we put away tables an chairs and helped with some of the clean up.

Once at home, Deepika said it was the ‘best day ever’. Now, she uses those word liberally, but we know it means she enjoyed herself.

Thank you, Crossfire Assembly for welcoming us and being part of our Christmas Miracle. It might seem like nothing, but trust me, it’s more than a big deal.

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